Here Be Dragons Headed to Nintendo Switch

Polish developers Red Zero Games is bringing their turn-based strategy game Here Be Dragons to Nintendo Switch. In Here Be Dragons, players control a number of eclectic sea captains and an armada of ships tasked with defeating sea monsters to clear a path for Christopher Columbus.

Red Zero Games touts a “living map” meaning that the maps are animated as the ships bob up and down in the water and the sea monsters move about. The art style is inspired by maps from the Renaissance era and looks very crisp.

Players who enjoy board games are likely to find Here Be Dragons appealing as the turn-based strategy is centered on a dice system. Battles are won and lost by the dice. Dice are assigned to each ship to use various actions or to buff the ship’s defense. The dice rolls can be modified with a special currency called Errata collected in little ink bottles that appear after defeating enemies. With at least 200 battles spread over 8 campaigns, there is a lot of strategic gameplay to be enjoyed.

Here Be Dragons will launch on Nintendo Switch on September 3.

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