Hi, I’m Jason. My first console was an Atari 2600 and kickstarted my passion for gaming. Over my lifetime I’ve built a sizable collection of consoles and games. Currently I live near Dallas with my wife and 2 cats.

Controller For One focuses on single player indie and Nintendo video games

Growing up in an age where there was no Internet gaming and living in a home where I was the only gamer, I spent almost almost all of my time playing video games solo. This followed me into adulthood. Even though technology made it easier to play with others, I still found myself playing alone because of my schedule. Playing a game as a single player allowed me to appreciate the adventure, story, art and music that helped to create an immersive experience.

In today’s gaming universe, there is an abundance of multiplayer games. The desire of many of today’s gamers is competition and cooperative adventures either through online play or sitting next to a friend on the couch. However there are many single player games that are often overlooked due to their lack of multiplayer options. With this web site, I plan to shine a spotlight on these games with previews and reviews as well as interviews with the developers building these single player adventures.