Ghosts of Gaming Past, Present and Future

When I started Controller for One, the goal was to make a one-stop site for everything related to single player games: reviews, previews, news, and anything else I could find.  I started down that path knowing that it wouldn't happen overnight.  Things started out well.  I found a welcoming community and started writing.  I was … Continue reading Ghosts of Gaming Past, Present and Future

Here Be Dragons Headed to Nintendo Switch

Polish developers Red Zero Games is bringing their turn-based strategy game Here Be Dragons to Nintendo Switch. In Here Be Dragons, players control a number of eclectic sea captains and an armada of ships tasked with defeating sea monsters to clear a path for Christopher Columbus. Red Zero Games touts a "living map" meaning that … Continue reading Here Be Dragons Headed to Nintendo Switch

SkyRacket Review

Developer: Double Dash // Publisher: Double Dash // Price: $14.99 (eShop/Steam) Review copy received from publisher Indie game developers are constantly developing games that provide unique experiences.  Genre mash-ups have recently found the spotlight, often merging two unrelated genres into a single game.  SkyRacket contains concepts of a brick breaker and a shoot 'em up … Continue reading SkyRacket Review